DaSilva stands firm at Electoral Office
September 28, 2007

DaSilva stands firm at Electoral Office

He compares himself to “Rosa Parks”, who, during the civil rights movement, began a “one-woman” protest. But Frank Da Silva’s act of defiance is not about equal rights for blacks. Instead, it is about what he claims are irregularities in the electoral system, and the man heading the electoral office, Rodney Adams.{{more}}

Friday, September 21, officially marked 100 days since Da Silva has been on the picket line calling for Adams’ resignation. And he is adamant that he will not give up until Adams leaves! Da Silva also emphasized that his protest was not just about getting a replacement for Adams, but also to ensure that the next person taking up the post is capable of doing the job.

He lamented: “It would make no difference if somebody like Mr Adams was to come in there and who didn’t understand that the constitution says that once he takes the oath from that office, he takes orders from anyone in authority.”

Da Silva admitted that while there have been rumours as to who would be the next person to take up office, he is anxious to see who that would be.

He said that because of his stance, other people have gained the courage to join him on the picket line, and the public has become more aware of the issues of alleged irregularities.

The Queen’s Drive resident, who spent much of his life in the United States, believes that persistence is the key to being effective, and praised the members of the opposition New Democratic Party for joining him in his protest.

He admitted that his most memorable moment came when the Prime Minister’s son, Ambassador to the United Nations, Camillo Gonsalves, sat with Robert “Patches” Knights, who is DaSilva’s right hand man on the picket line, and reasoned with him for 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Asked whether there were down sides to being on the picket line for 100 days, Da Silva quickly said that there were none, and said he believes that Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves does not want to take action to move Adams, because he doesn’t want him (Da Silva) to appear as if his protest was effective.

Adams has already declined to renew his contract.