September 21, 2007

Medical College to close in December

Close to 80 persons will be on the bread line from December 15 this year, as the Kingstown Medical College of St. George’s University finally closes its doors.{{more}}

After months of rumors, suspicion, and hope, employees of the institution were informed on Wednesday that the end has really come.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that workers are concerned, because while they believe they would be paid their severance, the representative of the St George’s University, who made the official announcement on Wednesday, did not give a clear indication as to when this will be dealt with.

The school’s impending closure, as has been extensively reported, is expected to cost this country millions of dollars in revenue, affect homeowners, car rental operators and supermarkets, to name a few.

From rising crime levels to this government’s foreign policy as regards Cuba and particularly Venezuela, many ideas have been bandied about as reasons for the closure.

There is hope, however, that government will be able to convince the University to bring another programme to these shores.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that negotiations are ongoing. (KJ)