British Army: We want only the best
September 21, 2007

British Army: We want only the best

Despite challenges from other attractive careers for the services of young, highly skilled individuals, the British Army continues to meet its recruiting target.{{more}}

Two members of the Army’s recruiting team visited these shores two weeks ago to put arrangements in place for a recruiting drive that should take place sometime between February and April next year.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, Major Allistair W Fyfe, a 35 year army veteran, said that the Army remains a viable career option for any positive thinking, progressive youngster.

Major Fyle also said that persons in the Caribbean who are considering the British Army are assured of equal treatment and opportunity.

He also said that because the British Army consists of persons from diverse cultural backgrounds, it usually takes a while for a synergy to develop among the soldiers, but eventually they gel together quite nicely.

“As the soldiers go through their training, there is a degree of exposure to a different culture. They get used to each other and learn from each other. Until over a period of time, there is an understanding,” Major Fyfe said.

Major Fyle also noted that because of Britain’s largely blended society, which includes a large Caribbean population, racism is not an issue in the army.

“I don’t believe there is any racism in the army,” Major confidently told SEARCHLIGHT.

Accompanying Major Fyfe on his trip to St Vincent and the Grenadines, the second of a three leg preparatory trip, was Warrant Officer Paul Hughes, who said that while the Army is looking for recruits, they only want the best.

Hughes told SEARCHLIGHT that besides the regular security checks, they would be looking for persons who are intelligent and motivated and who have at least completed secondary school.

Hughes said that when the screening process begins in the various countries from which recruits are sought, it is sometimes easy to identify those who would, and those who, sadly, would not make it through that initial physically demanding elimination process.

“There are some persons that you could simply see the hunger in their eyes, while others, you know wouldn’t be able to make it,” Hughes said.

Interested persons between the ages of 17-32 years, can begin to apply, information and application forms are available at the Army Jobs website;

While the exact recruiting target is unknown, the visiting soldiers told SEARCHLIGHT that they expect to be recruiting between 100-150 persons, but expect, based on past experiences, to receive over 500 applications.(KJ)