September 14, 2007

Students urged to behave in dignified manner

The destruction of school property by students remains one of the major concerns plaguing the Minister of Education as the new school term got going last week.

Last Monday, just after delivering her “Back to School” address, Minister Girlyn Miguel told SEARCHLIGHT that she is very concerned about what seems to be a wanton disrespect for property among students.{{more}}

While Minister Miguel also expressed concern about discipline in the schools, she stressed that corporal punishment, while still part of the school system, must always be last resort.

Earlier in her address, Minister Miguel urged parents, teachers and principals to continue to be vigilant and “monitor our children both inside and outside the classroom, as we renew our commitment to pursue quality education for all.”

She challenged all stakeholders to continue to add value to the children’s education, because of Government’s commitment to Education.

“Government is investing a substantial amount of the national budget in Education-teachers and parents, must, therefore, insist that students behave in a dignified manner,” Miguel said.

She stressed the importance of the retention of the core values, as the success of the “education revolution” continues to be celebrated. (KJ)