Murray donates barrel to Wilsons
September 14, 2007
Murray donates barrel to Wilsons

Cosmetologist Jamelia Wilson is counting herself fortunate that she no longer has to pay rent for her business place. She was informed of this by Manager of Universal Travel Kenrick Murray during the handing over of a barrel to her family on September 6.{{more}}

Wilson and her family members lost everything when their four bedroom wooden house at Ottley Hall was destroyed by fire last April.

Handing over the barrel, Murray told the family that he is willing the pay Wilson’s $250 per month rent, so that she can use that money for something else important.

During the ceremony, the family expressed concern about not being able to find a proper place to store the materials they have acquired to help in rebuilding their house. They also lamented that they do not have workmen to assist them.

The family, which has been housed in different locations since the fire, told the media last week that they had received donations from a Government agency shortly after the fire.

Senator Daniel Cummings expressed his thanks to Murray and his friends in Miami for the support that they offered to the family in their time of need. He also drew attention to the fact that none of the family members has a steady income.

Prior to the fire, the house was occupied by seven adults and seven children. The barrel was donated by the Manager of Universal Travel Kenrick Murray and Senator Daniel Cummings.