August 31, 2007

Teachers accept final draft report

There is no threat of a strike by teachers, just yet, that is, because they have voted to accept the final draft report of the reclassification process.{{more}}

At the St Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Union’s (SVGTU) branch day activities, the Union members decided to continue the process.

They are, however, not totally satisfied with the findings of the reclassification project, but decided that these concerns would be addressed at the soon to be established Appeals’ Committee.

“The other option was to let Powell (The consultants) come back or get a new consultant to do the process, which will take a lot of time,” Otto Sam, SVGTU’s president explained to SEARCHLIGHT, following the meeting held last Wednesday, August 29th , at the Methodist Church Hall.

Sam said, however, that the teachers are insisting that the Appeals committee be formed from a wider base, including persons from various professions, and not just senior public servants.

“We have to make sure that the Appeals Committee will be fair to teachers and the other public servants that will be lodging concerns with them,” Sam said.

He said that the teachers expect that with their commitment to the continuance of the process, it should be completed by the end of September, and the Appeals Committee should be in place by October.

The SVGTU had previously threatened industrial action if the reclassification process wasn’t completed by the end of August.

Now, however, Sam says that unless there is a shift in direction when the unions meet with government officials next Monday, September 03, industrial action is off the table for now.

“We are, however, going to be looking out for all our teachers to make sure that they all benefit from this process,” Sam said. (KJ)