Successful Vacation Bible school ends
August 31, 2007

Successful Vacation Bible school ends

A very successful one-week Vacation Bible School (VBS) organized by the Kingstown Church of Christ came to an end on Friday, August 17.

The school, which catered for children between the ages of four and 18, was held at the church premises at Kingstown Park.{{more}}

Daily attendance ranged from 52 to 69, and on August, Friday17, after the Tropical Storm warning was discontinued, 30 children turned up to close off what was a very enjoyable week. Some children expressed that it was the best VBS they had ever attended and asked for it to be extended.

Coordinated by Elton Lewis, five teachers, two assistants and two logistics personnel made up the staff. The children who were divided into three classes participated in the lusty singing of choruses and learning, in a varity of ways, about God and creation, John the Baptist and Jesus, the books of the Bible, TV influence and other essential subjects. Snacks, appropriate booklets and basic school supplies were also distributed.

VBS is one of the regular outreach activities of the Kingstown Church of Christ. Another session is expected to take place during the next summer vacation.

Meanwhile, a Nation-Wide Fellowship for all 13 congregations was held on Sunday, August 26. Brother Cuthbert Cumberbatch, evangelist of the church at Mount lily, Nevis, was invited to preach. The theme was “Building Together as We Walk by the Same Rule”.

The Churches of Christ have been in continuous existence, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in SVG for over forty years. Expressions of thanks go out to all parents who allowed their children to attend the VBS.