PM’s retirement residence under construction
August 31, 2007

PM’s retirement residence under construction

Prime Minister Dr.Ralph Gonsalves has commenced the construction of his retirement home.

The four-bedroom house is currently under construction at Gorse.{{more}}

The structure will consist of three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, laundry and storeroom on the lower floor (downstairs) while on the upper floor will be built a dining room, one bedroom, a study and a patio.

Contractor Cornelius ‘Con’ Ollivierre of C&J Construction Company Limited is spearheading the project, which started six weeks ago. He told SEARCHLIGHT that he is anticipating the completion of the project by December this year.

Ollivierre said he is overwhelmed by the scenery, which encapsulates a lush green valley and the ocean.

An old dam will be refurbished, and a swimming pool will be constructed near to it, said Ollivierre.

Architect Thomas Dehen designed the house.

“That’s where I intend to cool out when I done do this work. A man has to cool out a little bit before he meets his maker,” Dr.Gonsalves said on Monday, August 27, at the opening of the NCB Micro Enterprise Loan Programme Business Orientation Seminar, which took place at the Peace Memorial Hall.

Dr. Gonsalves also has a home at Frenches, Kingstown. (HN)