Sharina passes twelve at CXC
August 24, 2007

Sharina passes twelve at CXC

by Omesha Spence 24.AUG.07

Sharina DeFreitas is proud of her outstanding performance at the 2007 CXC Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate examinations.

Sharina, 16, of the St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown passed 12 subjects, receiving seven grade one passes, six of which are distinctions and four grade two passes at this year’s examinations.{{more}}

Sharina told Searchlight that her mother, teachers and students were all sources of encouragement to her. “I would say that I don’t think I can do this. My Mom would say yes you can do it; to have faith in God and he will help me.”

DeFreitas, the daughter of Gwendoline DeFreitas of Lower Edinboro, stated that preparation for the examinations started since she began secondary school. “I got my night’s rest.” she added. She also explained that she was attentive in class and revised continuously, which reduced the workload. “You don’t have a lot to study. You remember because you already learnt it.”

DeFreitas plans to attend the Community College and continue studies in Geography, Biology and Chemistry. As for her career goals, she wishes to pursue a career in the field of Geography.

DeFreitas also thanked the teachers and the Principal, who she stated “showed dedication and love” for the students by having extra classes. She also noted the hard work the teachers put in, stating that they were available whenever students needed them. “Even teachers who didn’t teach us, we could have gone to them.”

Other outstanding students of the St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown included Shakeera Dunn who received 11 subject passes with six grade ones and five grade twos and Allysa-Ann Dublin who received 10 subject passes with seven grade ones and three grade twos.

The school received an overall pass rate of 78.3 per cent, obtaining 100 percent passes in six subject areas. The principal, Calma Balcombe noted that the overall pass rate has dropped. “When compared to last year the overall percentage pass is lower, but this is still a commendable performance by the students.”

Balcombe however is generally pleased with the students’ performances, saying “Apart from the top three performances, we are pleased that many students recorded passes in seven, eight and nine subjects.”