New Thusia Director chides Eustace at NDP headquarters
August 24, 2007

New Thusia Director chides Eustace at NDP headquarters

Associate Director of the New Thusia Institute for Religious Liberty, Anesia Richards,(photo right below) has made an appeal to Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace to re-consider his stance not to meet with Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves.{{more}}

Richards, who was at the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) Constitutional Review forum last week Thursday, bravely went to the microphone despite being jeered and heckled by some NDP supporters in the audience, and questioned Eustace’s decision not to meet with the Prime Minister.

She reminded the Opposition Leader that according to the book of Romans in the Bible, he was obligated to give the people of this country who voted for him full representation as an elected member of parliament.

“If you are not there to contribute and oppose, you may have failed to represent the people who put you there. Constitutional review is a good thing, but you are not there. How are you fulfilling your God ordained right?” she questioned.

Richards, who is also Communications Manager in the Ministry of Tourism also pointed out that by not accepting Dr Gonsalves’ “olive branch”, Eustace was not being negotiable and had once again failed to represent.

After asking the audience to stop their taunting and comments of “Gonsalves sent her here,” Eustace explained to Richards that he did not feel that the Prime Minister’s invitation was genuine, and called it a farce.

The Opposition leader pointed out that the Prime Minister said in his letter that he would meet to discuss the issues “separately” from the constitutional review.

New Democratic PArty supporters at the party’s Constitutional Review Forum held at Democrat House last week Thursday.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the NDP, Vynette Frederick called on Richards to look at the “reality” of what Vincentians are living everyday.

Frederick argued, “People’s fundamental freedoms are not even eroded, they are non existent. Where because I don’t preach your name and hail you and praise you as excellent above all others, I am to be condemned, victimized.”

The PRO continued, “The fact means that the average Vincentian who wants to practice independent thought is being held under a knife. The context in which you are raising these concerns doesn’t fully appreciate the reality of the Vincentian experience. The Prime Minister has said point blank that he will go ahead without 50% of the people.”

Richards also handed out copies of articles she has written on the constitution review report.