Allen: Employees being judged by new yardstick
August 24, 2007

Allen: Employees being judged by new yardstick

“No single person can whistle a symphony, it takes an orchestra to do that.” This is the view of Errol Allen, President of the East Caribbean Institute of Banking and Financial Services (ECIB&FS) as he spoke on the importance of teamwork at the opening ceremony of the 2nd annual Young Employee Socialization Training Programme.{{more}}

The ceremony, which took place at the SVG Community College on Monday, August 20, brought together the ECIB&FS and the Rotary Club of SVG to prepare young students for the world of work.

Giving the keynote address, Allen stressed on the importance of teamwork in order to succeed in the workplace. He also noted that personal dreams might have to be sacrificed in order to allow others to achieve a bigger dream.

Allen noted that today, employees are being judged by a new yardstick which stresses on their relationships with co-workers. “It’s all about how you handle yourself and get along with others,” he stated. This yardstick, he added, could determine whether a person succeeds or fails in the workplace. He also encouraged students to take a critical look at themselves and to react positively to criticism from others.

Also speaking at the ceremony, Rotary Club President Dr. Simeon Norton, encouraged students to “soak in all that’s going to be offered” at the training programme. He also discussed the various educational programmes of the Rotaract Club aimed at preparing students to become better citizens.

The programme, which ends on the 27th August with a graduation ceremony, includes a series of sessions conducted by various facilitators aimed at preparing students for the workplace. (OS)