Straker: The law that governs money
July 27, 2007
Straker: The law that governs money

Money Talks… and it’s time to listen. So says Barbadian Leroy Straker, author of the book ‘Money Talks… listen’.

A motivational speaker for the last 12 years, Leroy Straker turned his hand to writing back in 2001. His book ‘Money Talks…Listen’ has been doing well in his native Barbados, and Straker is on now a mini promotional tour throughout the West Indies.{{more}}

Straker said that he felt there was a need for this book in order to teach people how to go about accumulating wealth and the laws that govern this, that is ‘the spending law’, ‘the earning law’, ‘the saving law’ and ‘the investing law’. The book looks at the possibility of people having two jobs in order to make ends meet, and how to save the money when it is earned.

Straker is convinced that if you only save about 10-15% of your income per month but also invest it wisely, in about 25 years time, the benefits of your financial savvy will become evident. The book gives tips on saving money: for instance paying bills on time means that you will not incur interest on top of the money already owed.

He also suggests budgeting, as without a budget said Straker, people are more likely to spend money impulsively on things they do not need. He said that while the economy is driven on money that is spent, it is through judicious spending and investments in things like bonds, and stocks etc, that we can set out on the right track to wealth accumulation. Straker went on to say that he has encountered many person who has the mentality that wealth is only for white people, or the already wealthy, but he says that anyone can accumulate wealth, for it is not the money that you have that makes you wealthy, but what you do with it.

Straker is promoting an attitude of ‘prosperity consciousness’, which is being aware of your money and knowing what to do with it and also creating habits of saving and investing.

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