July 27, 2007
Ministry launches Bridging Programme

The Ministry of Education Bridging programme for 2007 got on the way on Monday July 16. First launched in 2005, the programme seeks to help children who were unsuccessful in the Common Entrance Examinations make a smooth transition into secondary school.{{more}}

Chief Education Officer Susan Dougan said that when the government decided to implement universal secondary education, they realised that some students would not be ready for the secondary system because there are gaps in their literacy. Therefore the Bridging programme was introduced.

The programme consists of many activities to assist in the building up of numeracy and literacy skills and general basic skills that the students will need at the secondary level. Dougan said the benefits of the programme are many, for once a child is literate then the benefits translate to all other functions and areas of the curriculum. Dougan said that literacy is more than being able to say words but also to understand what they mean and how they are used.

The programme is being conducted simultaneously at a number of centres around the country including Sandy Bay Government, Marriaqua Government, New Grounds Primary, Biabou Methodist, Calliaqua Anglican, Kingstown Preparatory, Layou Government, Paget Farm Government and Mary Hutchinson Primary.

These centres are not only for the children who attended those schools but are being used as a central point for students from the area.

Carol Ross, who is coordinating the effort at the Kingstown Preparatory School said that she is pleased to see some students who entered the first form last year taking part in the programme, especially students from St. Martins Secondary. She commented that it is good that the youngsters have taken such a vested interest in their education.

One student who spoke to SEARCHLIGHT said that he didn’t mind losing some of his summer vacation because the programme was aiding his education.

The programme will run for 3 weeks and concludes on the 10th of August 2007.(VM)