Mother: What happened to my son?
July 13, 2007
Mother: What happened to my son?

A mother is wondering if her son was poisoned, caught in a web of anger and hatred between two relatives.

Ezra “Pitbull” Cabral, 26, who entertained many in Calliaqua with his pit-bull-like barks, died around midday last Monday, July 9, in what is suspected to be an unfortunate poisoning incident.{{more}}

Police are investigating reports that the mentally ill Cabral who has been involved in his fair share of trouble in the past, went to a home in Glen and was given food Sunday evening.

Shortly after, he was seen running through the streets stripping his clothes, then at the public laundry vomiting, excreting, bawling and drinking lots of water claiming that he was poisoned.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that no one took “Pitbull” seriously thinking that he was “going off.”

Residents of Glen say that the poison that allegedly killed Cabral, was set by one relative for another but Cabral was given food from the deadly pot.

He was found last Monday, naked, dead at around midday.

“I pass him on the road, I was going to town for J’ Ouvert and he said he was coming up the road,” said younger sister Carlanne.

Junie, a mother of 10, also of Glen, told SEARCHLIGHT that her son was loved by all the people in Glen and Calliaqua, his indiscretions notwithstanding.

“I don’t know what to say, I didn’t expect him to die so, I want to know what happen to my son and the police have to deal with who ever responsible,” she said.

An autopsy should have been conducted yesterday on Cabral’s body. (KJ)