July 6, 2007
Minister to look into TB issue

The Minister of Health has promised to look into the Tuberculosis (TB) concerns that have been raised by medical personnel.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT at press time (Wednesday) Dr Douglas Slater, who only returned to the state over the weekend said that he had not been briefed on the situation but had read the story in last week’s issue of Searchlight.{{more}}

Dr Slater however said that while he would not take any concerns lightly and would look into it, as far as he knows TB has been treated the way it is now at the hospital for years.

“What is being done now is not new,” Dr Slater said adding “there isn’t a high incident of the disease in St Vincent and the Grenadines.”

Last week, SEARCHLIGHT was reliably informed that some medical personnel were fearful that this country was at risk of a major Tuberculosis (TB) outbreak.

They claim that health officials are not taking the necessary precautions prescribed to help control the spread of the deadly and highly contagious disease. We were told that cases of TB are being treated in the private rooms on the male medical ward and there is a need for a proper treatment facility.

Doctors and nurses were said to be upset about the situation and a complaint was made to the Ministry of Health, our source said.

SEARCHLIGHT had tried in vain to contact Medical Officer of Health Dr Roger Duncan who was acting for the Chief Medical officer Dr St Clair Thomas, who, like Minister Slater was also out of state.