SVGPA gets US$457,000 Con-Stacker
June 22, 2007
SVGPA gets US$457,000 Con-Stacker

Brand new beefed up mechanical muscle in the form of Fantuzzi Con-Stacker 45KM has been added to the St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) Port Authority’s fleet of container stackers. The new piece of heavy duty equipment was tested on Wednesday to the awe and satisfaction of all present.{{more}}

Chief Executive Officer of the Port Authority Paul Kirby told SEARCHLIGHT that the US$457,000 purchase was part of the effort to increase capacity at the ports.

“We now can have better deployment and a faster load and unload rate,” he further stated.

The Con Stacker 45KM was made in Italy and is the first 2007 model delivered to the Caribbean even though there are about 15 earlier models operating at different Caribbean Ports said Fantuzzi Representative Cesar Sarria who was on hand to supervise the assembly and testing of the machine and to provide training for the operators.

The New Con-Stacker is highly computerized and can lift up to four containers high and from three rows back.(AC)