OECS celebrates 26th anniversary
June 22, 2007
OECS celebrates 26th anniversary

Director General of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Dr. Len Ishmael, called on the territories to be a part of the public consultations on the OECS Economic Union Treaty When the various events come to each island.{{more}}

Ishmael made the request in a letter to the countries, to mark the 26th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Basseterre, which created the OECS.

She called on the territories to look ahead with optimism and enthusiasm, as the integration process deepens.

Ishmael said that the OECS should be aggressive in the process, so that the Economic Union could move forward.

In her letter, Ishmael also noted of the diplomatic relationships, that the organization has built and is building.

Ishmael made mention of the ties built with Canada and Puerto Rico, and the intentions to create links with Brazil and South East Asia.

She said that ties with these countries will be beneficial in the long run, as these nations are emerging economic giants.

The OECS celebrated its 26th anniversary on June 18, 2007