Nation urged to unite, fight lawlessness
June 1, 2007
Nation urged to unite, fight lawlessness

With two more homicides accounted for on Wednesday, this country’s Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves is speaking out on the spate of crimes and lawlessness in this country.{{more}}

Two women, Suzette Brooke, 58, of Jamaica and her friend and helper Aretha Cain, 30, of Walvaroo were discovered in the corridor of the Brooks’ rented home last Wednesday, May 30 with chops wounds to their faces.

Dr Gonsalves noted that the issue of crime is clearly a challenging one and in order to help curb the situation, much has to be done by the citizens of the country. “We must help in playing a role in bringing about a reduction in the crime situation.” He said it can’t be left up to the Government alone to combat this problem. The Prime Minister said the media, schools, civil society groups, families and church organisations have a pivotal role to play in the reduction of crime.

He also cited the gratuitous violence on television and the lewd lyrics of songs as being negative influence on young minds. Gonsalves said that as a nation, we must look to unite and fight all lawlessness and criminals. He went on to say there must be an instinctive sense of restraint not to abuse or put others at harm. (KW)