Stop throwing stones on ‘Tiny’ James’ house!
May 18, 2007
Stop throwing stones on ‘Tiny’ James’ house!

Fed up with the harassment, Roberta “Tiny” James said that she wants the pelting of stones on her house roof at Green Hill to stop.

Standing at just five feet, James believes that her petite frame is making her appear to be a “push over”, and that is why the two youngsters in her village continuously pelt stones onto her house roof.{{more}}

James complained that some of the stones damaged the galvanize on her roof and she even had to replace a section of it. The 62-year-old said that she lives on her own and doesn’t want to hear noises coming from her house roof and think it is the youngsters pulling a prank, when it could be something more serious and she doesn’t call for help.

James said she has caught the two on numerous occasions and has complained to their parents but they have not corrected their children and she also reported the situation to the police on several occasions.

James, who is originally from Peniston, has lived at Green Hill for over 10 years and said that she just wants to live in peace and doesn’t want to be harassed by the ill-disciplined brother and sister.

James feistily said, “Not because I am small, I am not going to let anybody bully me. The parents know what their children are doing and they are not rebuking them. It just goes to show the road this generation is going down these days!”(SG)