May 18, 2007
Planned parenthood launches emergency kit

The First Aid Kit of sex is here!

The St.Vincent and the Grenadines Planned Parenthood Association this week launched the Emergency Contraceptive Kit, which is expected to stem the tide of HIV/AIDS transmission and unwanted pregnancy here.{{more}}

The kit contains a home pregnancy test, two mint flavored “cool” condoms, two Optinor emergency contraceptive or morning after pills, and fact and instructions sheets.

The brainchild of SVGPPA Programme Officer N’Zinga Sergeant, the kit will be packaged by the association and will be available at local pharmacies for re-distribution. They are also available at the association headquarters.

Sergeant stated that the kits are not meant to encourage sexual activity, but in the event of an unplanned sexual encounter, all persons should be equipped and prepared.

She indicated that with the carnival season around the corner, when sexual activities is usually on an increase, the kits could help curb the number of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. (JJ)