Boys Brigade to take back the youths
May 18, 2007
Boys Brigade to take back the youths

With the spate of violence and under performance in young males, the Boys’ Brigade is on a mission to take back these youngsters from the clutches of negativity.

This vision to save the region’s males was revealed in a press conference last Friday by Zone Coordinator Ozbert France, as part of the region’s executive strategic development plan.{{more}}

France said that while they would generally be focusing on areas such as conflict resolution, anger management and behavorial attitude, they would also concentrate on the specific needs of each of the 15 countries making up the Eastern and Southern Caribbean member states.

The Zone Coordinator admitted that the Boys’ Brigade has been re-evaluating itself as an entity to ensure that the boys grow into civic minded, spiritually grounded men, and hoped to introduce the programme in schools to help curb the alarming violence.

He stated, “Young people are getting out of hand in these island territories, we have witnessed violence in schools, and the society needs the Boys Brigade now more then ever. When a young boy leaves the Boys’ Brigade, we should have already prepared him for the world of work. I know that we would have some who go astray, but even if they are doing something wrong they would always remember something about the Boys Brigade.”

Meanwhile, Zone Counselor, Sheriff Tobias revealed that a troubled school in Tobago was turned around into being one of the top schools on that island, after the Boys’ Brigade new strategic plan was implemented.

The counselor noted that not only members of the Boys’ Brigade, but the entire school and community made a positive turn around and that the Ministry of Education of Trinidad and Tobago was now seeking to implement groups such as the Boys’ Brigade in schools.

Also in attendance at the press conference at the Methodist Church Hall in Kingstown were Regional Secretary Walter Stewart, Regional Coordinator Theodore Bruce and Consultant Damien E. Haynes.

In August the Boys’ Brigade would be holding their Regional Fellowship Training Conference at the Grace and Truth Campsite under the theme, “Charting the way Forward, Moulding Youths Today for Effective Leadership Tomorrow.”

Formed in the Britain in1883 by Alexander Smith, the Boys’ Brigade was the world’s first uniformed youth organization that was based on the concept of an interdenominational Christian organization for males from 5-18 years.

In 1892, St Vincent and the Grenadines became the first country in the Caribbean to establish the Regional Boys’ Brigade fellowship.(SG)