Brisbane: I told the gospel truth
May 11, 2007
Brisbane: I told the gospel truth

After sitting through the entire testimony of his former friend and boss at the National Commercial Bank (NCB), former general manager of the bank W. Beverly Brisbane took less than five minutes to have his say when day two of the Ottley Hall Commission of Enquiry continued at the Sunset Shores Hotel last Thursday.{{more}}

Brisbane who winced, chuckled and shook his head as former chairman Richard Joachim testified for most of Thursday, exclaimed that he could not believe what he had been hearing over the past hours.

“What I said back then (during his previous testimony) was the Gospel truth,” a clearly upset Brisbane proclaimed.

When Brisbane gave his testimony almost three years ago, among other things he testified that he became concerned with the Ottley Hall and Union Island Marina projects, after loans were being paid out to contractors Valdetarro and promises by Dr. Aldo Rolla that monies due to them from West LB would be forthcoming to reimburse NCB did not materialize.

He had further testified that his concerns went unheeded by the board of directors, and this ultimately led to him resigning as manager.

Brisbane during his brief testimony appealed to young employees watching and listening to the Inquiry to “Beware of their superiors”.

Brisbane’s testimony closed off the hearing which is to resume at a date to be announced, with possible testimony from former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell and Dr. Aldo Rolla.