Twin sister feeling Williams’ pain
April 27, 2007
Twin sister feeling Williams’ pain

When Juliet Williams got to the hospital and saw nurses dressing her brother’s hands she fell to the floor crying.

The nurses were dressing chops wounds her twin brother received last week Tuesday while trespassing on a neighbour’s porch.{{more}}

The male Williams is said to be mentally unstable and has been that way since he returned from St. Lucia some years ago.

It is claimed that he frequented the porch of the house where he sustained his injuries, to sleep. Williams said her brother went to the previously unoccupied house on that occasion because he had been kicked off his mother’s porch by his other sisters. He was reportedly sitting in the porch smoking a cigarette around 7 p.m., when the occupant only known as “Yello”, came out of the house and asked him to leave.

Williams related to his sister that he tried to leave but was subsequently chopped on both hands by the occupant.

He said that the occupant had met him on the porch before and did not do anything to him. He claimed to have even helped the man work on the house.

Miss Williams claims that her brother is now her responsibility and she finds it difficult to take care of him and keep up with her full time job.