Dancing feet: Who will make the National Dance team?
April 27, 2007
Dancing feet: Who will make the National Dance team?

At least twenty persons will be counting their lucky stars when the names of the persons chosen to be part of this country’s National Dance team are announced.

The choices will be made following an audition that was held last Saturday at the Peace Memorial Hall, where approximately 40 persons between the ages of 14 and 35 tried to make the grade.{{more}}

Speaking at the audition’s opening ceremony, Dance Development Officer in the Ministry of Culture and Chairperson of the National Cultural Foundation Ann Marie Vener told the participants that dance is part of their culture and national heritage.

“Dance nurtures the individual imagination, inventiveness and creativity. As an expressive art form it would allow a nation to express their feelings, values and aspirations and is an effective medium to promote national identity,” Venner informed the participants on Saturday.

Dancing according to her, can be one means of entertainment here as lack of entertainment is one of major weaknesses of this country both for the tourism industry and for nationals.

According to Venner, the National Dance Foundation will be concentrating on traditional Dances at a local, regional and international level, to preserve the indigenous dances of St. Vincent and to facilitate the professional development of dancers.

The participants were judged in three categories, which include the ability to grasp movement quickly, musicality, and execution of movement and cognition of movements.