April 20, 2007
Carriere watch group celebrates

The Carriere Neighbourhood Watch Group will hold its 4th anniversary rally this Sunday April 22nd, as it wraps up activities to mark the occasion.

The rally will be held under the theme “Restoring Community Values, becoming your Brother’s keeper”.{{more}} It takes place outside the Carriere Skills Training Centre, next to the Carriere Bridge from 3:30 in the afternoon.

Brief addresses will be delivered by Sir Vincent Beache, National Security Advisor to Government, Genita Lewis-Director of the National Commission on Crime Prevention, Area Representative Hon. Girlyn Miguel and School Counsellor Pastor Edward Smith. The commissioner of Police Bertie Pompey has also been invited to attended and to make brief remarks.

The feature address will be delivered by Methodist local preacher Monty Maule. There will also be a period of intercessory prayers led by four Pastors from within the community.

The group hopes that this activity will serve to bring the community even closer together and that those who attended would recognize the need to restore community values and to become each others keeper. In so doing the community and the country by extension would see a reduction in criminal activities.