MVAA wins History competition
April 13, 2007
MVAA wins History competition

The Mountain View Adventist Academy took first place in the Community College Heritage Club Local History Competition which was held last Wednesday at the Peace Memorial Hall.{{more}}

Winners Natalene Thorpe and Johanna Jack, both 15-years old, said that the competition was tough but they had no regrets entering since they both learnt more about their heritage and encouraged other students to participate next year.

Winning Students of the Community College Heritage Club Local History Competition held last Wednesday.

Twenty-two students from 11 schools answered questions on Sulle’s 2005 composition “Reparation” and were also quizzed on this country’s history including festivals, archaeology and the battle for St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Community College Heritage Club quiz was held in commemoration of the passage of the Act which abolished the British trade in human cargo and was designed four years ago to encourage secondary school students to develop an interest in their local history and heritage.