A lot of people suffered
March 30, 2007
A lot of people suffered

Carmel Henry 67yrs – Georgetown

When the water come down from the mountain it could be very rough, you had to stay a long time to cross the river until it ease off. Sometimes people help you across the river but many people get wash away from this river. I remember a lady named Miss Thom and another lady named Miss Peggy. They never find one of them. I feel great getting the bridge. Many politicians promised us before and never fulfill, it is only Ralph who fulfill. Great thanks to the ULP government and the people of Taiwan and Mr Daniel.{{more}}

Rupert Clarke 77yrs – Georgetown

I remember when I was a boy and I had to stay for two nights in the mountain because I couldn’t cross the river. This is good for the new generation. I used to be frightened with the rocks rolling down in the river. I used to cross the river because we had lands in Sandy Bay. I remember when a lady from Mt Bentick was crossing and she disappeared. When the river comes down it is like a mild thunder and it would be like it is growling and rolling. When I cross the bridge I will feel safer and I know the people in agriculture and banana industry would get to transport their goods. All praise to those who put it down, thanks to the PM, government ministers and Taiwan for the wonderful work. I thank God for having to live to see a bridge such as this.

Elise Bute 79yrs – Georgetown

It was real hard in those days, we use to go from Georgetown to Waterloo mountain in Sandy Bay at a spring. But when that river come down you couldn’t pass at all. If you had load on your head and you tried to cross, the force of the water would throw you down and your provisions would wash away. I remember a lady named Mrs Thom fell into the river and was carried her away. God has a plan for this island. I thank God for it. A lot of people suffered. It is a great day for this little island to be able to get a place to cross.