March 23, 2007

The book of Matthew Chapter 4, verse 11 in the Bible says “Thou shall worship the Lord thy God and him only shall thou serve.” However, seven years ago this was not the case with Jamaican Dexter Decordova as he was doing the opposite and serving the devil.

Reminiscing on his past and on how he became a Christian, 43-year-old Decordova told SEARCHLIGHT before his transformation to the Christian faith he was living a life where he served the devil and prayed to him for material things.{{more}}

During a short interview, Decordova told SEARCHLIGHT that as a child, he grew up hurt and had a great deal of anger inside because he had been told that one of his family members had killed his father.

He became a time waster, a drunk and got involved in a number of criminal activities including the killing of one of the family members who he claimed had been involved in the murder of his father.

While in prison serving time for murder, he got involved in Devil worship.

“I got involved in Satan worshiping because of fear. When I lie down I would talk to him and ask him to do things for me and to guide me and protect me,” Decordova highlighted.

When asked how he managed to get in contact with the devil, his response was that after explaining to a friend about the type of fear he was having he (the friend) gave him the address of some persons whom he claimed would have been able to help him.

He then wrote those persons, who then replied, asking him to sign a document to agree to certain terms, which he did.

According to Decordova, they sent him a Talisman book which he said contained a wide variety of items that he could order then use to make wishes. Upon receiving those things, he then had to repeat a prayer sometimes up to three times a day and as long as for two weeks in order to get the items to work.

“When I was looking through it, I saw a ring and I choose the ring for protection from the police,” Decordova stated.

There came a time when his praying to the devil halted. He said one night he went outside and realised all of his spending money was finished, and he had to borrow some from a friend of his.

“I wake up the morning and say to myself, before I go to jail I used to waste my time and money and now I am in prison I am doing the same. So I decided to pray and asked God to gave me back the money that I borrowed,” he stated.

“I believe that it was God who had intervene on my behalf cause that morning I woke up with a different mind set,” he continued.

According to Decordova, he did not pray like the normal Christian would pray. His main concern was to pray for the money and that was it.

“In the middle of the prayer my life became totally transformed,” he stated. Today, Decordova lives to tell persons that “This Jesus thing – it work”. He has worked with several congregations in Jamaica since being released from prison, and spent this past week here in St. Vincent as part of the SVG for Christ Crusade.