SVG is most improved tourism destination
March 23, 2007
SVG is most improved tourism destination

This country has been awarded the “Most Improved Destination” from the prestigious Dream Cruise Destination magazine for 2007.

This announcement was made by Minister of Tourism Youth and Sports, Glen Beache at a press conference last Tuesday where he said that the season would be a bumper one.{{more}}

Beache excitedly reported that the largest cruise company in the world, Carnival would be making its inaugural call in late April while the prestigious Royal Caribbean would make its inaugural call on the April 14.

The Tourism Minister said this is a huge deal for this country since Carnival Cruise Line, which owns other cruise lines can open up doors for other cruise ships to visit. Beache also revealed that after this government, Royal Caribbean employs the most Vincentians anywhere and one of the reasons why Royal Caribbean was visiting, was because the Vincentian staff requested it.

Beache said that in a survey conducted by Corea & Co. Ltd., which are the agents for the cruise ships, this country received an overall grade of 86% which was one of the highest in the Caribbean.

The survey further revealed that particular spots on the island such as Fort Charlotte received 89%, Botanical Gardens 89%, Kayaking and Snorkeling 80% and Dark View Falls 92%. Vermont Nature Trail however received a low grade of 42% with many of the visitors having grievance not with the site itself, but with the road leading to the site which was in need of repair.

The Minister said that the Tourism Board was assiduously working on plans to improve several of the sites throughout the country so as to ensure that the country was beautified.

Beache however sadly pointed out that despite the promise of a bumper cruise ship season; unfortunately eight of the 12 calls from Princess Cruises would be pulled back for the 2007-2008 season.

He said this was not because of anything negative with regard to St Vincent and the Grenadines but the Turks and Caicos islands were getting the preference for these calls because they had just built a new Cruise Ship Terminal in conjuncation with the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association FCCA.

Beache criticized the local terminal saying that “it was not as good as it could have been” and noted that the design could have been better. The Tourism Minister said and that it could hardly accommodate two cruise ships and many of the ships today are now being built larger.

Beach said to facilitate the growing number of cruise ships some may have to dock at Campden Park since this country must capitalize on the benefits of cruise tourism.