NDP expects by-election in Central Kingstown
March 23, 2007
NDP expects by-election in Central Kingstown

Opposition Senator St. Claire Leacock is the virtual representative of the Central Kingstown Constituency.

That’s according to the speakers at last Saturday night’s political rally held by the New Democratic Party (NDP) at the Redemption Sharpes Playing Field.

The party is gearing up for a by-election, which they believe, will be called soon.{{more}}

According to Central Kingstown committee member, Igal Adams, Parliamentary Representative for the area, The Hon. Conrad Sayers is invisible, unheard of, and unmentioned when it comes to matters concerning Central Kingstown and he is calling on Sayers to step down.

“Look at your TV closely,” he said, “and everything that they talk about now for Central Kingstown they don’t say Sayers, they say somebody name Morgan. Come to Morgan or they put him in the picture so you can see him.”

Adams said the governing Unity Labour Party (ULP) plans to replace Sayers with Morgan because Sayers has been missing in action.

Adams also called on the Unity Labour Party to keep promises made to the constituency and alleviate crime and poverty in the area and to revamp the Sharpes Playing Field.

Addressing supporters at the meeting, Senator Leacock said that the ULP has confirmed what they, the NDP, knew all along; that Sayers was not ready for the job of representing the people of Central Kingstown.

“They have virtually retired him, put him in the back seat, and jumped over him.” Leacock said.

Leacock said although he was not elected as representative for the area, he is still working in the area, as a sign of loyalty and appreciation, and when the by-election is called, he expects to be the next elected representative of Central Kingstown.

“And I know that it is quite likely that the Comrade himself entertains the idea that he can leave his constituency and come down here to humiliate me and run against me in Central Kingstown,” Leacock said. “But I know people will be incensed and they will not allow him to leave Park Hill, South Rivers and Colonarie and come and beat me in Sharpes, Kingstown Park, Paul’s Lot, Largo Height, Hollywood etc. so if he wants, let him come.”

Leacock garnered 49.8% of the votes cast at the 2005 general election in Central Kingstown.