Family still hopeful Elrita will return
March 16, 2007
Family still hopeful Elrita will return

It’s been over one month and the daughter and common law husband of Elrita Small still believe that she is out there somewhere trying to get home.

Small who lives at Campden Park disappeared on February 7 after walking her grandson to school. She suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and it is feared that she might have wandered off and is now lost.{{more}}

She was seen that day in the Clare Valley/ Bottom Questelles area, but it is not known in which direction she went.

According to her daughter, Kayleen Small, reports are that her mother was seen in the Ottley Hall area, but following up on that information led nowhere.

The last of Small’s four children believes her mother may be still alive and is more than eager to locate her.

“I don’t believe she is dead and that’s why I really want to find her,” she said, speaking to Searchlight. “I am getting so stressed that I got sick and had to go the hospital the other day.”

Small says she is not giving up the search for her mother and is thanking persons who called and is encouraging others who may have information to continue calling.

Meanwhile, Cornelius Thompson, common-law-husband of the 62-year-old woman is continuing his search and believes that she could be somewhere with someone against her will.

He too is appealing to any one with information to come forward, saying that the searching and waiting for his companion of 20 years to turn up is agonizing.

“I still ain’t feeling good, this thing bothering me the whole time, I can’t understand it.” Thompson said. “I think she somewhere with somebody and they should let her come home”.

Thompson believes persons who saw her in the Clare Valley area and know about her medical condition could have brought her home at the time.

Elrita Small is five feet two inches tall and was last seen wearing a blue dress with a floral patterns and was bare feet. She is brown skinned with long straight black hair.

Anyone with information can contact Kayleen Small at 454-2060, the nearest police station or Searchlight.