March 2, 2007
Vermont community launches adolescents’ group

Young people today are often described as the worst set of persons in today’s community. As a result, the youths in the Vermont community have launched their adolescents’ group in order to get the youths occupied.

Counsellor of the National AIDS Secretariat and the person responsible for the Health Districts from Pembroke to Chateaubelair, Samuel Joyles told the youths that despite the fact that young people are the most ‘put down’ persons, they should be the ones to make the difference.{{more}}

“Despite the situation that you are facing at home, you do not have to get in the life of drinking, smoking, or prostitution,” Joyles told the adolescents on Sunday.

According to him, the purpose of the group is to open a forum where young people in the community can come together and share their feelings and should be able to assist each other rather than turning to drugs and other illegal activities for comfort.

He also urged the youths to take their lives seriously as their future depends on the choices that they make.

Feature speaker and member of the Vermont community Othneil Browne also encouraged the youths to take control of their lives and establish a positive self-image.

“Youth groups in the past 25 years in my time of youth did not face the many challenges that you are facing now,” Browne highlighted.

The values were high, there was respect for other people and the little children went to church and Sunday school,” he continued.

This, said Browne, has changed a lot, and he is encouraging the youths that whatever objectives the group might have, they must do it in a way to develop the community.

The group was launched last year, and celebrated its first anniversary on February 15.

Currently there are several adolescent groups in the district of Pembroke to Chateaubelair that seek to help harness the talents and natural abilities of young people in an effort to formulate activities and programs for their all round development.