March 2, 2007
$1.8m. modern police facility for Questelles

Within the next 16 months a police station costing an estimated EC$1,867,174.60 is expected to be completed in the South Leeward constituency of Questelles.

“Persons want to feel safe and secure and there must be national security in the area,” Parliamentary Representative and Minister of Health and the Environment Dr. Douglas Slater told the audience on Monday.{{more}}

According to Slater, in order to perform their function the police themselves have to be housed in proper conditions to improve the system and productivity. In his opinion, despite the repairs that were done on the current building he is still unsatisfied with the condition and is therefore looking forward to the opening of new and modern facility.

Also speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony was the Commissioner of Police Bertie Pompey who appealed to young people in the community to assist the police in their fight against crime.

In his address Pompey stated that although members in the community who are involved in groups may label them as being ‘informers’ they must not be afraid to notify the police about anything that is of a criminal nature.

“When you cooperate with the police it does not mean that you are an informer,” Pompey told the audience. “They are not villains, but heroes to assist the community,” he continued.

Pompey is calling on the members of the society not to allow members of dysfunctional groups to say anything bad about them.

The building is expected to be constructed by the Housing and Land Development Corporation, and was designed by the Ministry of Transport and Works. The police station is the third to be constructed in St. Vincent and the Grenadines under the ULP administration. Two are already in operation, one in Canouan and the other at Biabou.

The event took place on Monday, February 26 at the Questelles Learning Resource Centre.