February 23, 2007
President Chavez offers to fly students to Venezuela

They stood and waited for close to two hours last Friday, practiced their Spanish greeting, and now 51 pupils of the Sion Hill Government School may be getting more than they bargained for – a trip to Venezuela!

The students selected from grades 4 to 6 were part of the greeting party that gathered at the ET Joshua airport to welcome the Venezuelan Leader Hugo Chavez – who when he arrived was quite intrigued by their presence.{{more}}

The flag-waving students were introduced to the president and he offered to send an aircraft to take them all to Venezuela for a day.

“They were so excited by that, everyday they keep asking me when they are going,” said school Principal Carlita Cato, when she spoke to SEARCHLIGHT.

She said that officials travelling with President Chavez took her phone numbers and email address so she is hopeful that this dream may come through for her students.

“Most of the students who were there come from very low socio-economic backgrounds, so as it stands now, such trips may not be possible for them. So for such an offer to be made, they are understandably quite excited,” she said, admitting that she herself was bubbling with excitement for them.

Cato said that once the trip becomes a reality she will be embracing it with her all.

“Those kinds of offers don’t come along often,” she said.