February 23, 2007

ECCU Leaders Showcase Investment Opportunities

Some 140 representatives from Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and the ECCU member countries are now more familiar with the investment opportunities in the ECCU region following their participation in an “ECCU Open for Business Forum” in Trinidad and Tobago on 2nd February 2007.

A team of government ministers and finance officials apprised seminar participants of recent developments in ECCU countries, including the robust growth in the economies, ongoing structural reforms and crime-fighting initiatives, in an effort to promote the region as a premier location for stable and sound investment.{{more}}

Leading the discussions were ECCB Monetary Council Chairman Dr the Hon Ralph Gonsalves, and Council members Hon Victor Banks of Anguilla, Hon Anthony Boatswain of Grenada, Dr the Hon Errol Cort of Antigua and Barbuda, ECCB Governor Sir K Dwight Venner and Dominica’s Minister for Economic Growth and Planning, Hon Julius Timothy.

A panel comprised of issues, brokers and securities commission personnel discussed their vision for a regional, integrated capital market and the need for harmonisation of legislation and closer collaboration for cross-listings of securities on regional exchanges.

Wendell Mottley, former Finance Minister of Trinidad and Tobago and Senior Advisor of Credit Suisse First Boston, in a lunch-time presentation outlined the prerequisites for the ECCU to advance in the international money markets. He emphasised the need for the ECCU to develop a business plan, building on the existing competencies and multi-country modalities.

The seminar was organised by the ECCB in collaboration with the ECSE and the RBTT Financial Group.