February 23, 2007
Conviasa airline to fly SVG

What used to be a hectic hustle and bustle for persons travelling to Venezuela for business or pleasure is now a dream come true, with the launch of Conviasa – the National Airline of the Republic of Venezuela – here on Saturday.

Conviasa will operate only on Saturdays in St. Vincent with flights between this country and Margarita with connections to Venezuela and other South American countries.{{more}}

According to the Financial Controller of the airline, Erwin Guebara, the flight from St. Vincent will take one hour to Porlamar in Margarita, from where travellers can visit Venezuela’s capital Caracas to do their shopping and see other parts of the country.

Persons traveling for vacation will have the opportunity to travel to some of the tourist attractions including the beaches, malls, cable cars and the famous Amazon rain forest.

The company owns 15 planes that are being operated out of Venezuela and travel to several South American destinations including Mexico.

The local agent for the operation of Conviasa is Vincy Aviation Service.