February 23, 2007
Baby Amillia fighting all odds


United States – A baby girl said to have spent the shortest time in her mother’s womb is to be released from the hospital in Miami where she was born.

Amillia Taylor is believed to be the first baby to have survived following a gestation period of less than 22 weeks a world record according to the University of Iowa, which keeps track of premature babies born throughout the world.{{more}}

She weighed a mere 10 ounces (284 grams) at birth on 24 October.

Doctors generally consider that babies born weighing less than 14 ounces (400g) at birth stand no chance of survival.

At the time of her birth at the Baptist Children’s Hospital last October, Amillia measured 9.5in (241mm).

“She’s truly a miracle baby, ” said Dr William Smalling, neo-natal expert at the Baptist Children’s Hospital.

“We weren’t too optimistic. But she proved us all wrong,” he said.

Amillia has experienced respiratory problems, a very mild brain haemorrhage and some digestive problems, but doctors now say her “prognosis is excellent”.

Her parents named her Amillia – which means resilient in Latin, a fighter and hardworking – to reflect her survival against the odds.