February 16, 2007
ULP celebrates $150m debt relief

Supporters and well-wishers of the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP) turned out by the bus loads as they journeyed to the Edinboro hard court to join members of government to celebrate the $150 million debt relief in the Ottley Hall project.

The close to one thousand strong crowd braved downpours of rain last Thursday night as they partied to dj music and the rousing speeches made by members of the ULP leadership.{{more}}

Speakers of the night included Government Ministers René Baptiste, Mike Browne and Jerrol Thompson. Speeches were also made by former parliamentarian Sir Vincent Beache and Senator Julian Francis.

The key speaker of the evening, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves told supporters that the debt relief on the Ottley Hall Marina was reason for Vincentians to celebrate, and despite the relief the Commission Of Inquiry that was launched almost four years ago will continue.

He also told the supporters that there are several entities lined up to make the marina productive.