February 16, 2007
Sir Vincent Beache: ULP saw it coming

Security Adviser in the Unity Labour Party (ULP) government Sir Vincent Beache, said that a number of irregularities had led the ULP to believe that something was amiss with the Ottley Hall Marina Project from the beginning.

Sir Vincent speaking on Thursday night at the ULP’s Celebration Rally at Edinboro, said that a number of issues were raised but were shot down by the then New Democratic Party (NDP) government. According to Sir Vincent, one member of the ULP had uncovered a shell company running the Ottley Hall Marina affairs in London. When this was reported the then Prime Minister, Sir James Mitchell, passed regulation to give him sole authority on the project.##M”:[more]##

In another instance the luxury yacht which was used as collateral by the European investors was valued at US$18 million but never materialized.

Sir Vincent recollected that at one sitting in Parliament, members of the then ruling NDP left the House of Assembly when being questioned by the Opposition about these matters.

He said that the Ottley Hall Marina was designed to fail which it did, and that the former Prime Minister should be held accountable for his part in the affair, and for allowing himself to be overcome by international crooks and con artists.