February 16, 2007
NAS calls on persons to volunteer for HIV tests


A month-long program organized by the National AIDS Secretariat (NAS) is encouraging persons to volunteer for HIV counseling and testing.

The campaign runs until March 10th and comes just prior to the opening of eight sites where persons can attend counseling and Rapid Results Testing (RRT).{{more}}

Rapid Result Testing is a system where persons will know their status in about half an hour.

Counseling and testing allows persons to speak with a counselor to assess their risk of becoming HIV positive, as well as to discuss ways to reduce the risks of being infected. They also give information on the testing process. This counseling is usually done before and after a result.

Apart from the campaign, NAS personnel will be paying visits to a number of post secondary school institutions and communities throughout the state, explaining and promoting the benefits of counseling and testing.

The voluntary counseling and testing sites will be set up at Calliaqua, Biabou, Richland Park, Greggs, Clare Valley, Campden Park the HIV secretariat in Kingstown and the Kingstown outpatient Clinic.