February 16, 2007
Dr. Gonsalves: Don’t tangle with I man!

“I am your nightmare because I stand between you and coming back into the office of Prime Minister. Never in a million years can anything like you come back and be Prime Minister of this country.”

On a night that could be compared to a block party or sound clash, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves took the opportunity to lash out at Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace at the Unity Labour Party’s celebratory rally last Thursday at the Edinboro Hard Court, in celebration of the $150 million debt relief.{{more}}

Interspersed by specially selected dj music from Bob Marley, Buju Banton and Culture, Dr. Gonsalves told the excited crowd that the ULP government was not for his benefit, but for the poor and working class people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

He informed the gathering of some accomplishments of the government, especially in the area of the education revolution, and a number of projects that are in the works.

The Prime Minister also told listeners of some of his political battles over the years: against Cable & Wireless, Texaco, The IMF, Caribbean Star, SACE and West LB.

“If I stand firm against the powerful entities,” Gonsalves said, “Is Eustace I and I man wouldn’t stand up against? So long as I live, the NDP will never see office again, you hear me Eustace?”

To the frenzy and urging of his supporters, and with Buju’s ‘Destiny’ playing he continued: “You want to threaten the democratically elected government of the Unity Labour Party, boy you have another thought coming. Don’t tangle with I man, don’t tangle with the Unity Labour Party.”

“Eustace is not an economist he is an agonist, he agonises over everything,” he teased.

Dr Gonsalves closed off the night’s festivities with some freestyle ‘toasting’, in which he took verbal shots at a

number of other NDP figures, including PRO Vynette Fredrick and radio personality Elwardo Lynch.