February 9, 2007
Help needed for National Crisis Centre

The Ministry of National Mobilization is hoping that persons in the private sector will come on board to bring the National Crisis Centre for battered persons to fruition.

A sum of $200,000 has been budgeted to conduct work on the building that was purchased three years ago so that before the end of the year it could be up to 80 percent ready and able to operate.{{more}}

“We are open to private funding to get it up to 100 percent so that this crucial need could be met,” said Permanent Secretary Rosita Snagg in a recent press conference.

The building at Kingstown Park, which was formerly the Bella Visa Hotel, was purchased at a cost of $600,000 three years ago.

The hope of the ministry is that persons who come to the centre would only spend about one month in which time efforts would be made to help them get the necessary help for the strengthening of their lives and families.

The eight room facility would be able to accommodate 12 persons .

This is one of the measures being taken by the National Mobilization Ministry which also has responsibility for Family Affairs to strengthen the family unit.

Minister Michael Browne said that his Ministry will be looking into the ways that they could strengthen the family unit in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“The family is the primary unit and we must support and strengthen it,” he said.