Arnos Vale residents want better CWC arangements
February 9, 2007

Arnos Vale residents want better CWC arangements

Emotions threatened to reach to a boiling point during a meeting between the Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007 Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and residents of Arnos Vale as the security requirements for the hosting of the historic sporting event were made clear.

The close to 100 residents gathered at the Arnos Vale Methodist church were told about the special arrangements that had to be made for those who live in the “no parking zone” during the world cup matches between March 5 and March 9.{{more}}

The LOC, represented by Event Manager Lennox John, CEO Michael Findlay and Traffic Officer, Inspector Richard Browne explained that the residents would be given special passes for their vehicles which will enable them to leave and return to their homes during match days.

Patrons coming to the cricket matches will be required to park their vehicles and be shuttled to the ground in specially marked buses. Those coming from the Leeward and the Mesopotamia Valley will park in Kingstown, while those from the Windward would stay at Calliaqua.

Where residents and LOC officials were at loggerheads is the stipulation that residents are not allowed to drive through the restricted zone, which is between Ken Thomas’ gap on the Windward end to the area of Riffin’s shop heading in the direction of Kingstown.

They would instead have to follow specially designated temporary traffic routes. “So even though I live so close to the round about you telling me that I have to go all the way to the Villa Fountain road to go where I am going,” asked one upset resident.

Another asked why the passes couldn’t give them permission to drive through the “restricted area”.

“I understand you concerns but this is the way it has to be,” said CEO of the LOC, Michael Findlay.

Both Findlay and Inspector Browne reminded residents that the Sunset legislation which gave World Cup 2007 the prerogative to put the various restrictions in place was already law but the discussion was meant to explain and listen to concerns that may be raised.