February 2, 2007
OECS Bar bewildered at Justice Alleyne’s exclusion

Members of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Bar Association, are calling for Dominican Justice Brian Alleyne to be included in the selection process for the post of Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.

Alleyne, who served as Acting Chief Justice for the past 21 months, was not named as one of the two persons considered for the post. This has caused some surprise and confusion among his peers in the association.{{more}}

The association has called on the OECS Heads of Government to reconsider Alleyne’s exclusion, calling his exclusion unfair and

an assault upon the independence of the judiciary.

According to a release from the organization signed by President Nicole Sylvester, Alleyne is considered well known for his reasoned judgment, strong administrative qualities and deep commitment to the ongoing and sweeping reform process within the East Caribbean Supreme Court.