February 2, 2007
LIAT announces new fares


THE MERGER OF LIAT and Caribbean Star, which took off yesterday, has brought with it new low fares.

This comes on the heels of a revised schedule which has allowed the new airline – LIAT, Star of the Caribbean – to open up more seats for sale at lower prices.{{more}}

This was confirmed Tuesday evening by chief executive officer of the airline, Mark Darby, who said the new fares are set to take effect from Thursday.

Speaking from his office in Antigua, he told the MIDWEEK NATION these prices would be offered across the region.

“The merger of the two airlines has pushed the load factors up and we were able to introduce some lower fares,” he said, adding, though that low fares would not be available on all the flights.

However, Darby was quick to explain that passengers would see higher airfares during peak periods like Easter and World Cup.

“We price according to demand. If demand is high then the price is higher,” he said.

He said LIAT was operating in the same price band as before, noting that fares – the highest, as well as lowest – were agreed on by the Air Transport Licensing Authority.

“The claims that fares have been hiked are not substantiated and LIAT is still providing good value and service. The fares quoted earlier were alarmist,” Darby said. (NATION)