February 2, 2007
Five cops mark 31 years in force

Five top-notch police officers have made it through the rough and tough of the Police Force and 31 years later they are still doing what they love best.

On Tuesday January 16 Assistant Commissioner of Police Carlisle Ryan, Assistant Superintendent of Police Ekron Lockhart, Assistant Superintendent Rouzendal Francis, Deputy Acting Commissioner Lenroy Brewster and Sergeant Cyril Evans all celebrated 31 years of service in the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force.{{more}}

All five cops joined this country’s elite in 1976 barely out their teens ready to embrace what the force had in store for them.

Assistant Commissioner Ryan told SEARCHLIGHT that he did not expect to be in the force so long but after serving 10 years he decided to continue his duty to the force and the country. He mentioned working in several out stations throughout St Vincent and that he has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge over the years. Ryan said that his first love was to be a mechanic but he has no regrets joining the Police Force.

Superintendent Lockhart was a bit hesitant to speak of his major achievements but managed to say that he owes it to hard work and dedication. He said that being a police officer is very strenuous but he has dedicated his time and service to this country.

Superintendent Francis said that being a police officer was always a passion for him and that he has not lost the zeal for his job to this date. Francis who is now attached to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) told SEARCHLIGHT that he started out as a police corporal and moved his ways up the ranks over the years. He said that being in the Narcotics Department for over 13 years was his most memorable. He attributed the bulk of his success to being the self-motivated individual who never let setbacks get in his way of achieving what he wanted. It took Francis 15 years and 10 months before he got his first promotion, something he said did not deter him from doing his job. “I saw it as a self-motivator and a love for my country, when I got promoted I told my colleagues the journey has just begun,” Francis reminisced.

Deputy Commissioner Brewster’s story does not fall far from that of the others in that he loves his job with a passion. Brewster also admitted his share of hard times in the force but said that was what helped mould him into the person he is today. Starting out his career as a schoolteacher, he said that it was on the encouragement of his friends that he joined the force and also to earn a few extra dollars to support his family at the time. Brewster said he sees himself as a servant to the public and their needs are at the top of his priorities. “If every policeman should do their duty to society St Vincent and the Grenadines would be a better place. “

Last but not least, Sergeant Ryan who is attached to Rose Hall Police Station said he is a determined cop who executes his duties to this country with precision. He said being in the Police service for so long has exposed him to many places and opened the gates for a world of opportunity – something he thinks that he would not have accomplished if he were not a police officer.

With talk of retirement buzzing in the air, the top cops said they are prepared for the moment and are willing and ready to embrace it. They all said that they wanted to still contribute wholly to the development of St Vincent and the Grenadines but in a different field.