January 26, 2007
Woman lured to death through cellphone chat


Hanover – It is believed that cellular technology is behind the demise of a Portland, Jamaica woman, whose body was discovered in the hilly terrain of Elgin Town in Hanover, Monday.

Investigators have detained a man in connection with the murder of 25-year-old Patrice Clarke, whom he reportedly met through a mobile chatroom service, and the disappearance of another.{{more}}

The missing woman has been identified as Dianne Andrea Jackson of Santoy district, Hanover.

“I understand that the police were searching for a body when they made the discovery,” explained Sergeant Sandra Salmon, Constabulary Communication Network officer for Hanover. “Yesterday (Sunday), the police linked him to another missing person, other than the one from Santoy, based on a telephone conversation he had in their presence.”

Three murders have been recorded in Hanover since 2007. Nineteen persons died violently in the parish last year.

The body of Clarke, a babysitter of Windsor Castle in Portland, was reportedly discovered about 12:10 p.m. with abrasions to the neck and nose.

It is said that she was last seen in the suspect’s company on Saturday in Lucea, Hanover, where she journeyed to meet him. Her cellular phone was also recovered from the man.

In the case of Jackson, The Gleaner has learnt that the man in custody, who was granted bail on Wednesday on attempted murder charges, asked her to meet him on Friday to collect “something” for her baby.

She left for the meeting and has not been seen since.