January 26, 2007
Singer Lynx: We like it so

The official programme for Vincy Mas 2007 is five months away, but Singer Lynx Mas band is already bringing its presentation to the public.

The band launches its production “We Like it So”, this Sunday at the Chamber of Industry Car Park.

Masqueraders have eight sections to choose: Hot and Sunny, Patriotic, Colourful, Raining, Paranging, Revelry, Horrible and Style and Fashion.{{more}}

The sections are the impression of this country’s top mas designer and artist, Oswald “Ossie” Constance.

Led by Cornelius Thomas, Lynx will be participating in all the major mas competitions of Vincy Mas.

Thomas said that the band will once again be contesting the king and queen of the band.

Last year, Lynx docked in third in both competitions.

He is anticipating the usual emphasis on the children sections, which he said will get very good participation from the youths.

One of the newest bands around, Lynx is in its third year of presenting mas, first starting in 2005 with its production The Books we Love and last year gave mas lovers Abracadabra.

But the Sion Hill outfit has been etching its name as a top contender with its colourful presentation and finished productions.

The band tasted success in its first year, winning the Section of the Band.

Lynx this year will operate from the old Intermediate High School building in Kingstown.