January 26, 2007
ECCU region should exploit 2007 Cricket World Cup


Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central bank Sir K. Dwight Venner, is calling on the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union and the region as a whole, to exploit the 2007 Cricket World Cup to the fullest and use the event as a spring board for facilitating the transition and transformation of their economies.

At the bank’s live economic review teleconference last Thursday , Sir Dwight said that he is optimistic that the region will be ready for the international event which will have the eyes of the world focused here.{{more}}

He said that exposure of this magnitude may not come again for some time, and countries should make use of it as well as learn from any mistakes made.

He noted that commercial activities should step up, and the region should become more business minded and disciplined.

Sir Dwight also said that the sports and tourism infrastructure that is being put in place for the March 2nd to April 28th event should be made use of for future events.

However, Sir Dwight indicated that the success of the event will not solve all of the region’s problems. He noted that other significant challenges remain and would have to be dealt with even after the tournament.