WINFA exploring new marketing possibilities
January 19, 2007
WINFA exploring new marketing possibilities

The Windward Islands Farmers’ Association (WINFA), will in 2007, place emphasis on the exploration of investment possibilities in the area of agro-processing under the Fair Trade label.

This decision was made last Wednesday January 10, at the meeting of the Board of Directors of WINFA at the Bay Gardens Hotel in Saint Lucia.

The meeting included briefings on the work of the national affiliates, in particular the National Fair Trade Organizations (NFTOs] in each of the four (4) Windward Islands.{{more}}

WINFA, as the only Fair Trade registering Organization has the responsibility to oversee all fair trade operations in the islands and to ensure strict compliance with Fair Trade Labeling procedures. Fair-trade in bananas brings in over 120 million EC dollars directly and the community developments, social premium component is worth over 10 million EC dollars.

The meeting also reviewed trade related matters in respect of an assessment of the negotiation process and the likely implications of the EPA for regional agriculture in general and for Farmers of the Windward Islands in particular. As well, WINFA has conceptualized an advocacy strategy that is aimed at ensuring that the EPA delivers an output that is consistent with the development interests of the Region’s farming community.

In follow-up to the strategic decision taken in 2005 to convert all Windward Islands Banana to Fair Trade, WINFA will advocate for the reconfiguration of the Banana Industry in 2007. Another main agenda item is preparations for WINFA’s 25th Anniversary celebrations. The organization was inaugurated in Grenada at a meeting of the Windward Islands farmers in 1982.

The meeting was chaired by the President Marcella Harris and attended by 11 of the 12 Directors, two of whom have been nominated by the elected members of the Board to provide technical guidance to the operations of the organization.